Four Season Cards

  • A pack of rain-proof, four-season cards packed full of seasonal activities

    Each set is divided equally into the four seasons and within each season, you will find

    - A season-specific scavenger hunt, each further divided into items, plants and animals to find.

    - Challenges to complete.

    - Mindfulness cards allowing you and your child to pause for a moment and check in with your senses.

    - Two season-specific craft ideas with instructions.


    The monthly challenge. Each month there is a fun challenge to complete. Can you do each challenge 10 times in a month?

    All activities within this set of cards, like all Little Wood Walkers products are aimed at getting outdoors and having fun, even in Winter!!

    The cards are printed on 350gsm card, these come in a small perfectly pocket-sized eco-friendly bag. These can be used over and over and will provide endless entertainment in woodlands across the UK (...and the world).