"Hi, I'm Tailsy, I'm the one in charge here but I have a couple of human workers which you can read about here."

What do Little Wood Walkers offer?

Pick a Story...Pick a Path Books 

There's something going on in the woods and Tailsy the Squirrel needs your help.

Little Wood Walkers allow your child to choose their own story through the wood, whilst following their chosen characters story and completing challenges along the way. Offered at popular woods in the North East with more coming soon. Be sure to check out our FAQ for more info.

Scavenger Hunt 5 Pack 

A pack of five scavenger cards, each with 12 unique items to look for on your woodland walks. Turn them over and you fun activities involving your favourite animals. Do them all at once in your group or spread the fun over a number of walks and a number of woods. These can be used in any woodland location.

Challenge Cards 

Add an extra element of fun to your woodland adventure with 34 fun and unique challenges. Coming in an eco-friendly pouch, these can be used over and over and will provide endless entertainment in any woodland location.

Scavenger Hunt 20 Pack 

A pack of 20 scavenger hunt sheets complete with a Little Wood Walkers branded clipboard to make ticking off items easier than ever. These can be used in any woodland location.

Little Wood Walkers FREE Activity Sheets 

Who doesn't love a freebie? and if that freebie helps to keep your little ones entertained then even better. Check out our free downloadable activity sheets.

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Story Cards

Let everyone's imagination run wild. Create infinite stories on your walks with this pack of rain-proof story cards. The possibilities are, literally, endless and can be used absolutely anywhere. 

Scavenger Cards 

A pack of scavenger cards with 34 different items to be found on your walks through your favourite woodlands. Each illustration is fun, bright and hand-drawn. Comes with multiple game ideas to enjoy with your family and friends and can be used in any woodland location.


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