Protect yourself against a Dragon.


Make your own Sword - Step by Step Instructions 

Before you start - Go outdoors and find a long, thin, straight stick. About 15mm thickness would be perfect.


Adults - Cut out the crossguards along the black line


Colour in or decorate the crossguards however you choose


Stick together and wait to dry. You can use some tape to stick it faster if you want


Slide your stick through and apply tape along the stick to secure the cross guards to the stick. Don't worry if the tape doesn't fully stay stuck. 

Tape from here... here


Using one of the supplied ribbons tie a tight double knot around the tape above the crossguard, securing the tape in place. Then cut off any loose ribbon. 


Wrap the supplied felt around the stick under the cross guards to create the handle


Tie the two remaining supplied ribbons around the top of the handle and tie tightly with a double knot (to secure the tape under the felt) and the last ribbon at the bottom

...And you're done. There's only one more thing left to do...


...Find a Dragon and knock him out with your sword!

Dab a small amount of glue on the back as shown here