Some of the following fruit and veg will require some sort of preparation for the best chance of growing. We have provided links to helpful videos for further info.

How to germinate a seed taken from a fruit or vegetable. 

1 - Saturate a kitchen towel with water and spread seeds evenly across one half and fold over to create a 'seed -sandwich'

2- place this 'seed sandwich' in a clear plastic bag and seal if possible.

3 - keep the bag out of direct sunlight but somewhere at room temperature.

4 - After about a week you should see some sprouts shooting from the seeds.

5 - Very carefully (use tweezers if possible) transfer the sprouting seeds from the paper towel to a readymade hole in the compost. Do not push the seed in as this will damage it. 

6- Cover with compost and water

See this video for more information - 


Ok, on to the specific fruits and veg...

Apples - Seeds can be removed from the apple, planted straight into the compost and covered.

Tomatoes -   Cut the Tomato into thin slices, plant straight into the compost and cover.

Bell Peppers - Remove the seeds and plant directly into the compost or for added fun, chop peppers in half, place them into the compost and cover.  

Lemon Seeds - The seed should be removed from the outer casing, see this video for more info and gives an extra element of fun. 

Cucumber - These seeds require germinating before planting - 

Oranges - These seeds require germinating before planting- 

Plums - These seeds require germinating before planting- 


(Please note all videos listed above are external content with no affiliation to Little Wood Walkers Ltd. We are not responsible for the content. This is all intended for fun and learning for children, adult supervision is required at all times and there is no guarantee of seed growth)