What will I receive if I buy a Pick a Path book?

You will recieve one wiro bound booklet which has everything you will need to complete your self-guided walks around the wood the book has been designed for. Within the book are a set of stickers that you can give you your child at the end of completing each route

Is every walk unique?

We do our best to make every route different, however we are bound by the layout of the wood and whilst you will never follow exactly the same route, there is potential that one route for one character may be a mirror image of the other character's route.

When can I do the walk?

Each walk is self-guided so there are no set opening hours or days for when you can complete them. We only recommend you leave enough daylight hours to complete your walk before it gets dark. Please also make sure you check the park opening times before you set off.

Are the routes Wheelchair/Pushchair friendly?

We are very sorry, given the nature of woodland walks, often muddy and with steps, this means they are not suitable or wheelchairs and pushchairs. We have challenge cards that can be used in other areas so take a look!

Is there anything attached to trees etc in the woods that I need to look out for?

No, everything to complete your walk is in the book. All characters etc are in the book. There is a page towards the back of each book that gives you things to look out for in the wood, however these are not associated in anyway with Little Wood Walkers and are for your information only.

How long will each route take?

It is of course a very difficult question to answer as each route has challenges etc on the way which add to the time. We have provided a guide in each book as to the approximate walking time for the shortest and longest route but in reality this will be much longer. We have found from experience that each route can take around 2 hours by the time you take in stopping to complete challenges etc.

How do we know which way to go/when to stop?

In each book there is a picture of each 'junction'. Do not just look for the trees in the picture, look for any signposts etc. Each decision will give you an approximate time it will take you to walk to the next junction, this is guide only, of course.

What if the photo was taken in Summer and its now Winter, it will look different?

This is correct, the leaves may well look different if you go at a different time of year however we haven't yet worked out how to stop the leaves changing colour. Each photo is carefully selected however and we always aim to include some other 'landmark' in the photo such a bridge or a signpost etc. If there are only trees in the photo, look out for the shape of the trunk or branches, we have provided written guidance where we feel necessary.

How many times can I reuse each book?

Each walk usually has 2 character stories with 5 different routes per story, so there will be 10 routes in total

What if I get lost?

I am afraid you will have to retrace your steps to the last junction to carry on. All route have been tested by our chief route tester, our five year old daughter Florence who has made it round with no assistance (we were walking behind, she wasn't on her own, don't worry).

How long will it take until I recieve my Pick a Path book?

We aim to dispatch all products within two business days and send second class via Royal Mail. We send second class to keep your costs down but first class can be arranged if necessary

What age are the Pick a Path books suitable for?

Every child is different but we feel that given the length of time between the shortest and longest route and also the level of challenges, this would best suit children between the ages of 3 and 10. Of course we hope everyone will enjoy their day, including the adults!

What exactly is a Little Wood Walkers - Pick a Path book?

Little Wood Walkers Pick a Path books are self-guided walks through woodland areas across the North East. Your child chooses the route through the wood based on the various story options. Complete any challenges, answer any questions, solve any riddles, laugh at any jokes as you go. Make it to the end and collect your sticker based on the story you followed. Then either follow another route or save it for another day

Which woods do the books cover?

See the list of areas we have covered here. Don't worry, we're always adding more so keep checking back or leave your details below and I'll email you when the new routes are available.

FAQ - Pick a Path Books


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